Filter Papers

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd provides qualitative and quantitative cellulose filter papers. The difference is the ash content after ashing. Qualitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.15%. Quantitative filter paper ash content is less than 0.01%. Qualitative (quantitative) filter paper is divided into fast, medium, and slow speed. Filter paper depends on the nature of the separated substance precipitation. Fast filter paper for colloidal precipitation, slow filter paper for crystalline precipitation.

Hawach scientific filter paper can meet the needs of different levels of purity, hardness, flow rate, loading capacity, and chemical resistance for our customers. The qualitative filter paper includes standard filter papers and wet-strengthened filter papers.

The qualitative filter paper is used to identify the properties of substances in qualitative analysis. Wet strength qualitative filter paper contains a small amount of chemically stabilized resin, thereby enhancing the wet strength. This does not introduce any obvious impurities into the filtrate. However, because of resin containing nitrogen, these grades of filter paper cannot be used for the determination of Kjeldahl nitrogen.

The quantitative filter paper is mainly used for the filtration after the filtration, that is, the weight method analysis test and the corresponding analysis test in the quantitative chemical analysis. The ash weight of each filter paper is a fixed value.


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