High Performance Liquid Chromatography Lab

Hawach Scientific special produces and supplies prepacked and empty HPLC Column to the global market and stationary phase with the full range of material available such as C18 Universal, C18 low PH, C18 Aqueous, C8 Universal, C8 low PH, C8 Aqueous, C8-Fluorine, Phenyl, NH2, CN, Diol, SiO2, Polar-RP etc. Our HPLC column with high column efficiency and excellent shape peaks and low pressure for a longer lifetime, especially the C18 Universal column which is equivalent to brands like Waters, Agilent, and GL Science.

Hawach high performance liquid chromatography HPLC column can provide a wide range of applications and the highest separation performance. In addition, the HPLC column has unparalleled reliability, reproducibility, and stability.

Because of different types of HPLC column packing, there are many HPLC column types. HPLC column supplier main supply types of HPLC columns are as follows:

SiO2 HPLC column is based on spherical and fully porous silica gel with less than 10 ppm of metal impurities (Al, Fe, Ti, Zr, etc.). Because this type of column has strong polarity, it is often used to separate highly polar analytes.
C18-Aqueous HPLC column is hydrophilic column that can increase your buffer salt ratio in the 100% water phase range and improve the peak shape to the greatest extent.
C18-Universal HPLC column is a very universal column.
C18-Low PH HPLC column acid-resistant unsealed column. It is especially suitable for polar samples. If the baseline separation cannot be achieved on the ordinary C18 column, the peak time will be prolonged on the modified chromatographic column to achieve the separation purpose.
C18-Alkaline HPLC column mixed stationary phase, the filler can withstand strong alkali conditions of PH 12.5. Hydrophilic groups replace a large number of silanol groups, which can effectively prevent the interaction between alkaloids and silanol groups.

The retention capacity of the C8 column is weaker than that of the C18 column. When you need to obtain a shorter analysis time than the C18 column, this column is a suitable choice.


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