Productivity and Operation Tips of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The Productivity of Bottle-top Dispenser
Hawach bottle-top dispenser can greatly save time and increase lab productivity, it is a convenient dispenser with novel technology because this technology allows users to simply rinse the instrument and refill the bottle without dismounting the dispenser.

The re-circulation valve makes liquid redirect back into the bottle without loss of reagent. The years of jam-free operation can be obtained with seat assembly and spring-free borosilicate glass ball valve. Hawach bottle-top dispenser is characterized by user-friendliness, good functionality, and reliable performance. Furthermore, built-in security features protect users from the accidental overflow of liquids and ensure the smooth and smooth operation of the separator.

Tips for Application
1. Installation of suction tubes. According to the size of the reagent bottle, the matching suction pipe is cut into the appropriate length, and one end of the suction pipe with a fixed thread sleeve is manually tightened to the bottom valve of the bottle mouth distributor.
2. Installation of the return tube. Insert the straight end of a short transparent return pipe with a bend directly into the socket next to the suction pipe valve at the bottom of the bottle distributor.
3. Installation of pipette. Fix the separate pipe with white plastic support sheath to the horizontal interface on the front of the bottle mouth distributor through a fixed nut at one end. Note that the separate pipe is now inserted and then tightened the nut.

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Clean The Bottle-top Dispenser

As a perfect solution to dispense the organic and inorganic liquids, the bottle top dispenser is highly praised s a safe and convenient tool for a wide range of dispensing needs in modern labs. The high-quality bottle-top dispensers have excellent chemical resistance, and scientists use them for various chemicals which can be very aggressive sometimes. We don’t want residues of a previous chemical found in a new analysis. So, cleaning bottle-top dispensers after use or before using a fresh chemical is always important.

We need to clean bottle-top dispensers thoroughly every time after a fresh chemical is used and before the dispenser is stored. We find some chemicals are tending to form crystals in the dispenser, which might hinder piston movement and liquid dispensing. If you want to keep crystals from forming and maintain the long life of your bottle-top dispenser as well, just clean them regularly.

You can start to clean the bottle-top dispensers by rinsing them with a neutralization liquid. Depending on the chemical just used, the liquid you can use can be a kind of acid or base that can neutralize the chemical in the tubes and the dispenser with the right concentration. Don’t forget to dispense the liquid into a waste bin after cleaning and dispose of the waste following the waste guidelines for chemicals.