Sterilization and Disinfection of Pipette Tips

Tip Sterilization of Pipette Tips

Put pipette tip in the tip box and sterilize it with moist heat to avoid water vapor troubles, newspapers can be wrapped around the tip box, or placed in an incubator to dry after sterilization. The tip box be wrapped in newspaper for autoclaving, and newspaper bags can be used to avoid too much water, can absorb water, and the most important thing is to prevent re-contamination. But if it is not packed, it will not have much effect. After the sterilization is completed, if there is more water, you can put it in the oven for a longer time.

1. Should the entire pipette be sterilized when extracting RNA?
The pipette generally does not need to be sterilized. If it is really needed, put it on the ultra-clean workbench and irradiate it with ultraviolet light for half an hour.

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2. Matters needing attention in the sterilization of pipette tips during RNA extraction?

Use ordinary EP tubes and pipette tips. Before autoclaving, soak them in DEPC water overnight to remove RNase. After removing DEPC the next day, put them in the pipette tip box for moist heat sterilization. It is best to sterilize directly before each extraction, and it is best not to use a long-standing pipette tip to extract RNA. Domestic tubes should still be sterilized, otherwise, they are prone to degradation, especially some cells or tissues with high RNase content.

Finally, some people did not use DEPC water to treat the pipette tip, and the RNA extraction result page is not bad, but this is not true. It is recommended that you still operate steadily to avoid the experiment and do not know where to find the cause except for the problem.

The pipette tip is autoclaved and sterilized. The high temperature and high-pressure sterilization of pipettes are divided into whole sterilization and half sterilization. Most brands of pipettes can be half sterilized, but whether it can be sterilized in whole, users must contact the supply Quotient confirmation. In the market, products such as manual pipettes can be sterilized as a whole. But here are a few points to remind:

First, except for individual applications, such as infectious virus research, most customers do not need to sterilize the entire tube. Second, for products of the same brand, it is often more expensive to sterilize the entire tube than half. For bacteria, customers need to make a decision according to their own needs.