UHMW-PE and PP Frits with Wide Reagent Compatibility

The cleanness of SPE cartridge is important for cartridge recovery rate and cartridge application result. Medical grade PP tube made cartridge is one of our advantage and super high purity of sorbent as well. Now we would like to share another important factor, cleanness and purity of frits is also important.

Hawach Scientific’s UHMW-PE(ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) Frit was manufactured from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene in clean room. The frits material with wide chemical compatibility in both general and aqueous-based solvents.

Manufactured by UHMW Polyethylene or PE copolymers, the frits have excellent concentricity and smooth square edges, we have strict control of the frits size such as diameter, pore size, thickness etc, and this helps ensuring a tight fit of the column.

The frits with features of Washable, Wear resistant, low temperature resistance, no extractable and wide chemical compatibility. Customer also feedback well as the feature of average particle size of the frits, stable flow rate and free of DNase/RNase/ PCR Inhibitor.

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