Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips
Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd pipette tips have three type: Advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips and advanced filter pipette tips to meet most requirement.

Description of Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips

Produced in the most advanced cleanroom, Hawach pipette tips come in 3 series, advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips, and advanced filter pipette tips, consistently high quality and accurate to meet different application requirements. They are made from non-sterile PP material and compatible with most of the popular brand’s pipettes. We also provide 8-12 channels adjustable pipette for your choice. The volume ranges from 10ul to 10ml.

Features of Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips

3 series of advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips, and advanced filter pipette tips for different applications.
Volume ranges from 10ul to 10ml
Flexible and soft tip cone ensures better sealing and no leakage.
Maximum recovery of the sample liquid to ensure the accuracy
Ergonomically and excellent design ensures a perfect fit for the most brand type of pipettes.

Non-Sterile Pipette Tips Details

1. Made of high-quality medical grade polypropylene (PP) material, laboratory pipette tip pp can withstand high temperature and high pressure
2. 10µl, 200µl, 300µl, 1000µl, 5ml, 10ml six kinds of capacities to choose from
3. The product is a universal design, which can be matched with most brands and models of pipettes
4. The unique process design reduces the occurrence of liquid hanging on the wall, and the liquid treatment is fast and accurate
5. The product has no DNase, no RNase, and no heat source

Ordering Information

Advanced Pipette Tips
Item CodeProduct nameVolumespecificationPcs/Pack
SLAPT001Advanced Pipette Tips10μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLAPT002200μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLAPT003300μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLAPT0041000μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLAPT0055000μLnon-sterile, PP100
SLAPT00610mLnon-sterile, PP250
Standard Pipette Tips
SLSPT001Standard Pipette Tips10μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLSPT002200μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLSPT0031000μLnon-sterile, PP500
SLSPT0045000μLnon-sterile, PP100
Advanced Filter Pipette Tips
SLFPT001Advanced Filter Pipette Tips10μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLFPT002200μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLFPT0031000 μLnon-sterile, PP1000
SLFPT00410μLnon-sterile, PP96
SLFPT005200μLnon-sterile, PP96
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