Sterile Filter Tips

Hawach pipette tips made of Virgin PP, which are hygiene and durable. All tips produced in 100,000 class clean room, ensure that our sterile tip is Non-pyrogenic, Non-endotoxin, DNase/RNase free. Pipette tips have a wide packaging range: bags, rack, and stack for your choice.

Introduction of low retention tips

Hawach pipette tips are universal fit, the tips can be used with most of the brands in single-channel pipette and multi-channel pipette. such as Eppendorf, Gilson, Rainin, Biohit, Brand, Finpipette, etc. Hawach pipette tips are available in three different packages, respectively are bags, racks, and stacked packages. Bag packaging is the most cost-effective option; Rack/box packaging is convenient to use and stock; Stack packaging is economic for tips stock management.


1. Electron Beam Sterilization, this way make sure the sterile tips with no chemical residue after sterilization, no interference for virus detection
2. Non-pyrogenic, Non-endotoxin, DNase/RNase free
3. 100,000 class clean room for production and packaging
4. Universal fit with most pipettes on the market
5. Super fine grinding molding technology which does not need agent demolding ensures smooth inner wall of low retention tips with minimum liquid residue and precise liquid absorption
6. Pipette tips made of virgin PP with high transparency and wide chemical resistance
7. PE sintered filter as a barrier to against aerosol, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination between the sample and the pipette
8. Filtered pipette tips can be used for suck up of organic solvent products
9. Optimized pore size: ensures smooth absorption of sterile tips. Innovative design, which ensures good flexibility, good sealing, and compatibility of the filtered pipette tip
10. Wide size range: size 10ul, 10ul extended, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul, 1250ul. Available in standard and low retention tips
11. Wide packaging range of sterile tips: bags, rack, and stack to choose
Bag packaging is the most cost-effective option
Innovative design and special molding technology, which ensures precise and smooth adsorption of low retention tips
Special electric beam sterilization technology ensures the sterility property of our pipette tip box
12. OEM service available

Comparison between tips and filter tips

Filtered pipette tipsfiltered-pipette-tips1filtered-pipette-tips2filtered-pipette-tips3

Comparison between standard tips and low retention tips

standard-and-low-retestandard-and-low-retention-tipsntion-tipsStandard tipsLow adsorption tips

Tips in different packaging:

96-100pcs pipette tip box96-100pcs-Pipette-tip-box

Technical Parameters

Standard tips and low retention tips:

PictureModel NO.SizeDescriptionpcs/cartonG.W (kg)Carton Size (cm)
Bulk Package
bag-pipette-tipsT-10-D10ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200003.044*26*19
T-10-D-L10ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200003.044*26*19
T-20-D20ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200007.060*32*30
T-100-D100ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200007.060*32*30
T-200-D200ulStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200007.060*32*30
T-300-D300ul/200ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*20bags/carton200007.060*32*30
T-1000-D1000ulStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton50006.070*25*34
T-1250-D1250ul/1000ul longStandard tips 1000pcs*5bags/carton50006.070*25*34
Rack Package
T-10-HS10ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48007.050*35*29
T-10-HS-L10ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48007.050*35*29
T-20-HS20ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-100-HS100ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-200-HS200ulSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-300-HS300ul/200ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton48008.549*40*28
T-1000-HS1000ulSterile tips 100pcs*50boxes/carton500013.060*52*29
T-1250-HS1250ul/1000ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50boxes/carton480014.060*49*28
Stack Package
96pcs-stackT-10-RHS10ulSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton480014.045.5*24*26.5
T-200-RHS200ulSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton480018.045*29*26.5
T-1250-RHS1250ul/1000ul longSterile tips 96pcs*50stacks/carton480028.043*28*27

Filtered pipette tips:


Note: Parameters of filtered pipette tips and low retention filter tips are similar to that of standard tips.

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