Ion Exchange SPE Cartridges

Ion Exchange SPE Cartridges are based on the high-energy interaction between ions to achieve the purpose of separation. Strongly polar solutes can be separated from highly polar water or other solvents. The exchange capacity of strong ion exchange resins is not affected by pH, while weak ion exchange resins depend on changes in pH.

1. Stationary phase of ion exchange solid phase extraction: charged substance
2. Ion exchange SPE cartridges separation object: charged compound (aqueous solution, organic solution)
3. Mobile phase for ion exchange SPE cartridges: deionized water, high or low ionic strength solution
4. The force between the adsorbent and the compound of ion exchange SPE cartridges: electrostatic attraction
5. Ion exchange SPE cartridges can be divided into two types: ①Anion exchange: aliphatic quaternary ammonium salt bonded silica gel, such as SAX, NH2; ②Cation exchange: sulfonic acid group, such as SCX, carboxylic acid group, such as WCX


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