Polymeric SPE Cartridges

1. Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges

Polymeric cation exchange reversed-phase adsorbent. It has high selectivity to basic compounds.

Features of Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges:

The polymeric cation exchange solid phase extraction cartridge has high selectivity and sensitivity to weakly basic compounds. The matrix matrix is ​​polystyrene-divinylbenzene polymer. MCX is designed to overcome the traditional silica matrix polymeric solid phase Limitations of extraction adsorbents. Polymeric MCX SPE Cartridges provide dual retention modes: ion exchange and reverse phase, and the retention occurs in a clean, stable, high surface area, stable organic copolymer in the range of pH 0-14 superior. Used for the detection of melamine in milk, food, and feed.

2. Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges

Polymeric anion exchange reversed-phase adsorbents have high selectivity and sensitivity to acidic compounds.

Features of Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges:

Polymeric type anion cartridges, strong anion exchange/reverse phase mixing bonded to the polymer matrix, have good adsorption to weakly acidic substances because it is a polymer matrix. Polymeric MAX SPE Cartridges designed to overcome the traditional silica-based polymeric solid phase the limitation of extraction adsorbent, MAX is a kind of stable polymeric anion exchange in the range of pH0-14, wettable polymer adsorption.

3. Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges

HLB adsorbent is a macroporous copolymer composed of lipophilic divinylbenzene and hydrophilic N-vinylpyrrolidone in a certain proportion. The retention mechanism is the reverse phase, through a “special polar capture group” to increase the retention of polar substances to provide good water wettability.

Features of Polymeric HLB solid phase extraction cartridges:

Polymeric HLB SPE Cartridges is universal adsorbent for acidic, neutral, and basic compounds
. High and stable recovery rate. Even if the column bed dries up, the recovery rate will not be affected.
. High adsorption capacity. Compared with silica gel, the surface area of adsorbent is 2-3 times larger, and the capacity factor is greatly improved. The adsorption capacity of 30mg HLB is equivalent to 100mg C18.
. Outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility
. Good chemical stability
. Compatible with various automated solid phase extraction devices


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