Reversed-Phase SPE Cartridges

Reversed-phase SPE cartridges use non-polar adsorbents (carbohydrates or polymers) on the stationary phase to separate organic solutes from the polar phase (water). The force between non-polar substances is van der Waals attraction, and the affinity of the agent to the solute mainly depends on its hydrophobicity.

1. Reversed Phase SPE Cartridges stationary phase: non-polar
2. The separation object of reversed-phase SPE cartridges: medium to non-polar substances
3. Reversed Phase SPE cartridges mobile phase: polar (aqueous solution) or medium polarity
4. Force between adsorbent and compound of reversed-phase SPE cartridges: van der Waals force or dispersion force
5. Commonly used reversed-phase SPE cartridges: octadecyl bonded silica gel (C18 SPE cartridges)


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