Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

We have a professional 5μl to 5ml advanced single-channel fix pipette factory which can assure you of high quality.

Description of Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes

The advanced Half Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipette is one of the most commonly used single channel pipettes, with low operation force design and high performance of precision. Smooth aspiration of various solvent. The lightweight and ergonomic design maximizes user comfort and reduces operation strain. Low force tip ejector can avoid corrosion solvents splash and hurt the operator or contaminate the lab environment.

Features of Single Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes

Volume Range: 5ul – 5000ul
Digit display facilitate more accurate setting and easier volume identification
Calibrated to ISO 8655 standards for precision
Lightweight handle design for excellent operation experience help reduce operation fatigue
121℃ Half autoclavable – High temperature and high pressure disinfection


Advanced Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes Pipettes
Volume RangeIncrementTest VolumeMaximum permissible systematic error (Inaccuracy)Maximum permissible random error (Imprecision)

Ordering Information

Item CodeVolumeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLMSF0015μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF00210μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF00320μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF00425μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF00550μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF006100μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF007200μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF008250μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF009500μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF0101000μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF0112000μLHalf autoclavable1
SLMSF0125000μLHalf autoclavable1
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