Cell Culture Plate

Hawach cell culture plate is free from DNase, RNase, endotoxin, and pyrogen.


Cell culture plate is a popular consumable in cell culture laboratories. Cell culture plate is ideal for the sample storage and transportation of serology and microbiology samples. The flat bottom can maximize the cell growing area of each well. The use of quality PS makes Hawach cell culture plate clearly flawless, which is stable and with good cell adhesion properties. Cross-contamination and non-slip design make Hawach cell culture plate special and well accepted by customers from worldwide.


  1. Made of USP grade virgin PS;
  2. Produced in 10000grade clean room, without DNA, RNA, Pyrogen, or endotoxin;
  3. Individual blister pack which is sanitary and easy to open for use;
  4. Quality PS with good stability and cell adhesion, while without scratches;
  5. The swelled edge prevents the cross-contamination between wells;
  6. The non-slip design at 4 sides ensures a good grasp during use.


With or without treatmentPlasma treated Without treated
Size range6 well6 well
12 well12 well
24 well24 well
48 well48 well
96 well96 well


ImageItem NO.SpecificationPackGW/carton
Carton size
CP-6cell culture plate, 6 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton4.0056*30*30
CP-12cell culture plate, 12 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton4.5056*30*20
CP-24cell culture plate, 24 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton5.0056*30*20
CP-48cell culture plate, 48 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*50bags/carton5.0056*30*20
CP-96cell culture plate, 96 well, plasma treatment1pc/bag*65bags/carton5.5056*30*20
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