PCR Tubes

Real time PCR tube is essential for PCR experiment. Hawach thin walled PCR tubes are ideal for real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, which ensures precise and fast heat transmission speed. With all the sizes, the most popular is 0.1ml PCR tubes and 0.2ml PCR tubes.

Introduction of PCR stripe tubes

Hawach has a whole series of PCR consumables like individual PCR tube, 8 PCR stripe tubes, PCR plates, and PCR muti-well plate sealing film. PCR tube and 8 PCR stripe tubes are for small volume reaction or experiment, while 96 well or 384 well PCR plates are for batch reaction or experiment.

We have single PCR tubes with an attached flat cap and PCR tube stripes with attached caps. Our PCR stripe tubes are produced in 100,000-grade cleanroom, which is free from DNAse, RNAse, enzyme, and pyrogen. Hawach thin walled PCR tubes are made of quality medical PP with specially designed mould, which has precise light transmission effect, good sealing, low retention property. The PCR tube stripes with attached caps ensure consistent light transmittance, and its good sealing reduces evaporation loss.

Features of thin walled PCR tubes

1.Medical PP thin walled PCR tubes ensure high sanitary and without pollution;
2.Super thin real time PCR tube and cap of high light transmission rate for efficient and successful PCR experiment;
3.Flat cap of PCR stripe tubes suitable for most PCR experiments, easy to operate and with good sealing as well;
4.Special designed PCR stripe tubes can prevent pollution and signal interference, and makes mass process available;
5.Size: 0.1ml(maximum volume 150ul) and 0.2ml PCR tubes(maximum volume 150ul) to choose;
6.0.1ml PCR tubes are designed to reduce the pollution caused by condensation, and is suitable for the experiment of holding heat overnight, reduce the evaporation of the reaction solution, and improve the fluorescence signal transmission intensity in PCR;
7.Hawach PCR tube stripes with attached caps are without DNA, RNA, and enzyme;
8.Sterilization type PCR stripe tubes are available for customization;
9.PCR tube stripes with attached caps consist of 8 PCR stripe tubes and 8 stripe flat caps.

Classifications of real time PCR tube

TypeSingle thin walled PCR tubes8 PCR stripe tubes
Picturesingle thin walled PCR tubes8 PCR stripe tubes
Tube and capIntegral tube and cap8-stripe tubes and 8-stripe caps

Technical parameter for 0.1/0.2ml PCR tubes

PictureItem NO.Descriptionpcs/cartonCarton G/W(kg)Carton Size(cm)
0.2ml PCR tubesPCR-02-ST-F0.2ml PCR tubes Single, transparent, with flat cap 1000pcs*10bags/carton100003.553*32*24
0.2ml 8-stripe PCR tubes transparentPCR-02-8T0.2ml 8-strip Real time PCR tube(without cap), transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12502.547*30*15
PCR-01-8T0.1ml 8-strip thin walled PCR tubes(without cap), transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12502.047*30*15
PCR-01-8W0.1ml 8 PCR stripe tubes(without cap), white, 125pcs*10bags/carton12502.047*30*15
8-strip PCR tubes capPCR-02-8T-Fflat cap for 8-strip 0.2ml PCR tubes, transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12501.029*26*15
PCR-01-8T-Fflat cap for 8-strip 0.1ml PCR tubes, transparent, 125pcs*10bags/carton12501.029*26*15
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