Pipette Tips Filters

Hawach accepts OEM custom pipette tip filters, as well as custom antigen diagnostic kit filters.



Pasteur Pipettes

Disposable Transfer Pipette is derived from Pasteur pipet, which is made of LDPE, with a thin tip at one end and the other end a bulb to squeeze up the liquid.

Description of Pipette Tips Filters

Pipette tips filter made of a certain particle size ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene powder (UHMWPE) and produced by special sintering process technology. It has excellent chemical resistance, organic solvent resistance, and biological inertia, meanwhile with certain porosity and super hydrophobicity to prevent liquid or aerosol from moving inside the filter and entering the pipette by causing contamination. At the same time, It can also prevent impurities in the pipette get contaminating the samples. Now the filter for pipette tips is widely used in sample preparation of COVID-19 sample testing, besides can also use as filter for antigen diagnosis kit.

Filters for antigen diagnosis kitsFilters for pipette tips

Features of Pipette Tips Filters

1. Import raw material, ultra-pure and uniform particle size, and porosity, excellent permeability;
2. Standard diameter:7mm and 2.5mm, 3mm 4mm thickness. OEM Customized acceptable;
3. Unique deburring process makes the product burr invisible to the naked eye, meeting customer high appearance demand;
4. All filters are all-around optical inspected by CCD camera and image recognition software, no dark spot, bur or defective;
5. Produce in clean room, ultra-pure filter, DNase/RNase free, Non-pyrogenic, No PCR inhibitor;

dnase-rnase-free-pipette-tips-filter-400x400 pipette-tips-filters-COVID-19-sample-400x400

Order information:

Item CodeVolumeDescriptionPackage QtyG.WCarton Size(cm)
SLPE6925101500ulHydrophobic PE Filter for Antigen Diagnostic Kit, φ6.9mm, Thickness 2.5mm, Pore Size 10um



SLPE0703201500ulHydrophobic PE Filter for Antigen Diagnostic Kit,φ7mm, Thickness 3mm, Pore Size 20um



SLPE0704201500ulHydrophobic PE Filter for Antigen Diagnostic Kit,φ7mm, Thickness 4mm, Pore Size 20um



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