Septa and Cap for Crimp Top Sample Vials

Cap: Crimp Top
Structure: Septa And Cap
Septa: PTFE & Silicone

Description of Septa and Cap for Crimp Top Sample Vials

The crimp septa and cap can squeeze the septa between the rim of the crimp vials and the folded aluminum cap. The crimp cap has a good sealing effect and can effectively prevent the sample from evaporating. In addition, this type of bottle cap can keep the position of the septum unchanged when the autosampler is used for puncture sampling of the sample. But it should be noted that the sealing of crimp cap vial requires the use of a capper to complete.

Hawach septa and cap for crimp top sample vials provide the tightest seal, reduce the possibility of sample evaporation. With Hawach vial crimping tools, the 12*32mm crimp vials and 11mm aluminum crimp caps are economical and easy to use. In this regard, Hawach supplies are also ready for everyone. Consumers who want to buy high-quality sample vials can give it a try. High quality and performance, the septa and cap for crimp top sample vials are welcomed by more and more clients around the world.

Features of Septa and Cap for Crimp Top Sample Vials

11mm silver-aluminum crimp cap and 1mm PTFE/silicone/PTFE septum
Small order acceptable
OEM service available
Crimp caps provide the tightest seal to reduce the possibility of sample evaporation
Compatible with the wide opening and standard opening 12x32mm snap/crimp cap vials
Compatible with most HPLC and GC autosamplers
PTFE/silicone/PTFE septum offers excellent resistance to coring
Temperature ranges from–40°C to 200°C
Pre-assembled caps avoid contamination from handling and save you time

Applications of Crimp Cap and Septa Vial

An optional pressure safety release cap at 45 psi is also available.
The caps and septa available are usable in compliant, excellent quality glass vials made of first-class Borosilicate glass.

Technical Data

Septum MaterialCompatible withIncompatible withResealabilityMax. Temperature
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa
will have compatibility of silicone
—-Average< 200°C
Alcohol, acetone, ether, DMF, DMSOACN, THF, benzene chloroform, pyridine, hexane, heptaneExcellent< 200°C
or Butyl Rubber
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa will have compatibility of rubber—-Good< 100°C
(Natural or Butyl)
ACN, acetone, DMF, alcohols, diethylamine,
DMSO, phenols
Chlorinated solvents, aromatics, hydrocarbon  carbon disulfideExcellent< 100°C

Ordering Information

Item #Description
Crimp Vials, 2mL 12*32mm
SLSSC003SPreassemble, No pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + Aluminum cap, for crimp top 2ml vial (11 mm mouth)
SLSSC003SPPreassemble, Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + Aluminum cap, for crimp top 2ml vial (11 mm mouth)
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