Septa and Cap for Snap Vial

Cap: Snap Top
Structure: Septa And Cap
Septa : PTFE & Silicone

Description of Septa and Cap for Snap Vial

The material of Hawach septa and cap for snap vial are high-quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances and aligned in a controlled environment. The color of caps we can provide black, blue, and clear and other colors accordingly to the client’s request. The material of the septa is the highest quality and purest silicone rubber and finest PTFE film. We utilize proprietary laminating/ bonding and conditioning technology to easily achieve needle piercing.

The snap caps are an extension of the crimp cap sealing method. The principle is to use septa and cap sleeved on the rim of the empty sample vials to form a seal by squeezing the septa between the glass and the stretched plastic cap. The tension of the plastic cap is caused by its attempt to restore its original size. The tension of the plastic cap can form a seal between the glass, the bottle septa, and the cap. Unlike the crimp cap, the plastic snap cap does not need any tool that can be covered.

Features of Septa and Cap for Snap Vial

Small orders are acceptable
Snap caps provide a secure seal that minimizes evaporation, even for volatile samples
The caps and septa available can be utilized in high quality, perfectly matched glass vials
Snap caps can be easily applied and removed
Pre-assembled 11mm clear snap cap with 1mm PTFE/Silicone septum
Compatible with 12x32mm snap/crimp vials
PTFE/Silicone septa offer excellent resealability
Temperature range from-40°C to 200°C
Pre-assembled caps save your time and reduce contamination

Applications of Septa and Cap

Mainly applied to the storage samples, automatic sampling device, pharmaceutical plants and etc.

Technical Data

Septum MaterialCompatible withIncompatible withResealabilityMax.Temperature
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa
will have compatibility of silicone
—-Average< 200°C
Alcohol, acetone, ether, DMF, DMSOACN, THF, benzene chloroform, pyridine,
hexane, heptane
Excellent< 200°C
or Butyl Rubber
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa will have compatibility of rubber—-Good< 100°C
(Natural or Butyl)
ACN, acetone, DMF, alcohols, diethylamine,
DMSO, phenols
Chlorinated solvents, aromatics, hydrocarbon  carbon disulfideExcellent< 100°C

Ordering Information

Item #Description
Snap Top Vials, 2ml 12*32mm, Caps and Septa
SLSNC002SPreassemble, No pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials
SLSNC002SPPreassemble, Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials
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