SPE Cartridges

Solid phase extraction column (SPE column in English, or Solid Phase extraction Cartridges, SPE cartridges for short) is a sample pretreatment device for extraction, separation, and concentration developed from chromatography columns.

The capacity of SPE cartridges refers to the adsorption capacity of the solid phase extraction column packing. For a solid phase extraction column based on silica gel, its capacity is generally 1~5 mg/100 mg, that is, the column capacity is 1%~5% of the mass of the packing. The capacity of the bonded silica gel ion exchange filter cartridge adsorbent filler is expressed in meq/g. The capacity of this type of filler is usually 0.5 to 1.5 meq/g. The special cartridge according to matrix type. SPE cartridges consist of medical PP empty tube, medical PE sieve plate, and a fixed adsorbent.

Hawach SPE Cartridges are used in the pretreatment section of the sample being analyzed. When it is used for separation, the solution is generally left behind by gravity or with a vacuum device to speed up the separation. Our SPE Cartridges are divided into silica gel, polymer, adsorption type, such as reversed phase c18 SPE cartridges, polymetric HLB SPE cartridges, normal phase PR grade florisil SPE cartridges.


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