Syringe Filter

Hawach syringe filter is specially designed for sample preparation of HPLC, GPC, GC, LC-MS, and other analytical instruments, which can effectively remove particles in the sample and protect your expensive analytical instruments. The production process is strictly controlled and the price is reasonable.

Hawach produces three series of syringe filters: WINSTAR series, HAWACH series, and Sterile series syringe filters. Filter media include Nylon, PTFE-B, PTFE-L, PVDF-L, PVDF-B, CA, GF, PES, MCE, PP, pore size from 0.1μm to 10.0μm, diameter from 4mm to 50mm. Buy syringe filters, please contact Hawach for a reasonable price!

Syringe filters are a fast, convenient, and reliable filter tool used in the laboratory. Beautiful and lightweight appearance, high cleanliness.

Micron syringe filter produced by Hawach is mainly used for sample prefiltration and clarification of removing bacteria and filtration of particles, liquids, and gases. A micron syringe filter is the first choice for filtering HPLC and GC in small quantities and is suitable for the clarification of small amounts of fluid and particle removal during laboratory operations.

Disposable Syringe Filters

The Disposable series syringe filter only has non-sterile types with the choice of Nylon, PTFE, PTFE L, PES, and PVDF. But it is the most commonly used model in laboratories, which reduces costs and is cost-effective.

Advanced Syringe Filters

The HAWACH series syringe filter with the most choices are able to meet different requirements and it’s the leading product. It can be divided into different classifications based on different methods. Based on the sterilization method, it can be sterile and non-sterile. According to the pre-filter, some are with pre-filter and some are not. For instance, the micropores of GF are formed by the accumulation of individual fibers. Not only the surface of the membrane but also a lot of particulate matter can be contained in it.

Sterile Syringe Filters

The Sterile series syringe filter is transparent with Nylon, PTFE-B, PTFE-L, L/PVDF membranes available.